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After cringing my way through the assessment on A Separate Peace  I wrote in the beginning of the year, I have come to this conclusion: Mrs. Chen did not start grading lighter but it was our writing that improved. In order to learn from my mistakes and see how much I have grown as a writer I have made a list of everything that went wrong in my two paragraphs.
1. No clear subject of sentences

  • The first and last sentence of my paragraph talks about a "he" - a "he" I have not defined. I now know I need to state the subject and object of my argument before jumping in and start using pronouns.
2. Clearly did not proofread
  • I often move ideas around in my essays which is perfectly fine as long as I remember to delete my sentence after I move it so you do no have the same quote twice in my essay. Not only did I lack in writing skills I also lacked the knowledge of the Ctrl + x function on my laptop. Silliest (stupidest) mistake I made in this assessment.
  • There are also grammatical errors all over the place because some of my sentences are missing a few words. In my first paragraph I opened with "feels towards Finny which leads his weak mental state" and later on wrote "because he tired of constantly winning". I can not claim to be a master proofreader as I always run out of time before I get a chance to read through my writing but I will start perusing through in greater detail if I ever get the chance to proofread.
3. Illogical/ flawed argument
  • It is kind of difficult to write a strong analytical paragraph if your argument does not even make sense. I still have problems creating a strong and insightful argument in my writing but I have improved in creating a more logical stance (most of the time).
4. Evidence does not match up with argument
  • This is also an area I have not yet mastered as I have difficulty creating logical connections between my quotes and argument. This can link back to my previous point on how weak arguments never lead to strong analysis.
5. Weak analysis of quotes
  • I find that a lot of my analysis either does not relate to the topic or does not uncover the true meaning of the quote. The lack of insight in my analysis leads to not using the quotes to the benefit of my argument as I am not using the quotes to their fullest potential. Overtime, I learnt to recognize the deeper meanings of quotes by breaking down the quote and analyzing its diction or relating it back to themes of the book. I still need to create more logical and insightful analysis in my essays but I have definitely made progress since the A Separate Peace assessment.
  • Another area dealing with quotes is the way I just dump the quote into my essay instead of weaving it throughout my essays. I was taught in middle school to state your evidence and then state your analysis but once I reached high school I realized we get more freedom with the structure of the essay as long as we have good organization. I now understand the importance of weaving in quotes because it makes the paragraph smoother to ready.
What I take away from reading through my old assessment is although I have definitely made progress in my writing I still have many more areas to work on. Although it was appalling to see the low quality writing in my earlier assessments it is nice to see areas were I have improved. 

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