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Socratic Seminar Reflection
This discussion was definitely one of our better discussion as we had great participation and flow of ideas in the seminar. Yet this discussion covered chapters 1 - 14 of Sense and Sensibility so there was a lot of material to discuss in only thirty minutes of time. So although we had great ideas, we only hit the bigger more general ideas instead of going in deeper and analyzing the literature. One aspect of the book we discussed about the is the relationships in the book. we came to a general conclusion that Willoughby and Marianne's relationship does not seem promising. Their relationship seems too perfect and fairy tale-esque to be true. We also came across the point that the plot seemed a bit anti-climatic. I know we are only in the first volume but there seems to be a lack of conflict except for the confusing relationships between the Dashwoods and the various men. Someone suggested that perhaps Margaret plays a bigger role than she currently does and will bring the long awaited plot twist. However the big ball has not happened yet so everything that is happening in the story is just building up before the real drama happens at the ball. 
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Writing Reflection
In the final essay for Romeo and Juliet, I improved on my abilities to analyze the text yet there are still areas of flawed logic and ideas that were irrelevant to my argument. An reason for this was my thesis was more complex than it should have been and it did not really state the argument I provided through my evidence and examples. I need to work on creating a stronger and clearer statement that relates to the evidence I use in the essay. 

Reading Log
The men in the story are really intriguing characters. Willoughby's sudden departure from Devonshire leaves the Dashwoods wondering about the motive behind his trip to London. Not only that, it also leads to Elinor and Mrs. Dashwood wondering if Willoughby and Marianne are engaged yet. The way Marianne mopes around after Willoughby leaves underlines her attachment towards him however it does not confirm whether she is engaged. 

On the bright side, Willoughby's departure seems to bring our long lost friend to visit the Dashwoods. Edward Ferrars finally decides to visit the ladies at the cottage. Actually, it is unclear whether he planned on visiting the Dashwoods as he was in the are for two weeks already and did not bother visiting Elinor. Adding to that, he was not particularly happy to see the Dashwoods either   and he definitely did show any added affection towards Elinor. Instead, Edward seemed more enthusiastic to see Marianne than he was to see Elinor. During the conversation he talks more to Marianne by suggesting how to spend her money and asking her if she thought he was shy.

In fact he did not mention Elinor's name when he addressed Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne about money nor did he ask for Elinor's opinion on his character. Furthermore, after Elinor tells Edward that Marianne finds anyone who does not agree or enjoy what she finds interesting to be reserved he becomes quiet and withdraws from the conversation. Right now my love senses (because I am a very trusted and reliable relationship predictor) are going off and telling me Mr. Edward Ferrar has the hots for Marianne. So the current score in the Wedding Games is 3 - 0 in favor of Marianne.

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