|Reading Log| Sense and Sensibility: Relationships

Thoughts on Chapters 8 - 11

Marianne and Willoughby have a fairy tale relationship. The way Willoughby carries Marianne home after she injures her ankle resembles any other damsel in distress romance story. A poor girl finds herself in danger only to be saved by a handsome wealthy young man (or in Willoughby's case, soon to be wealthy) and the pair fall in love. Simply put, I find their relationship cute. Willoughby is probably the closest match Marianne will get to her ideal man. He shares the same artistic interests as Marianne, treats her in a gentlemanly manner, is about to receive a whole munch of inheritance and as if it could not better, and is extremely good looking. 

I'm so excited for the prospects of this couple!

Yet while this whole young love thing is blooming, we have two dejected characters sitting at the side: Elinor and Brandon. When Marianne is with Willoughby "she [has] no eyes for any one else" and "scarcely spoke a word to any one else." (Austen, 55 - 56) Marianne is pretty much Elinor's only companion as Edward still resides in Norland and all the other women in Sussex are not compatible with Elinor's personality. In other words, Elinor has no one to talk to . Furthermore, Brandon also finds himself among the lonely and rejected as he suffers from unrequited love towards Marianne. At first Brandon's fancy for Marianne appeared to be a simple affair. Yet from his conversation with Elinor it appears there is more to Brandon than I previously thought. He accidently slips out how he once "knew a lady who in temper and mind greatly resembled" Marianne. (Austen, 57) His reasons behind liking Marianne seem to be affected by a past relationship he had with another woman that left a big impact on his life. Knowing this, Brandon is no longer the pitiful middle-aged man I previously made him out to be because it seems like he suffered hardships in his younger years. 

There is clearly something sad within him.  
On the other hand, the way Brandon accidently let slip to Elinor about his previous relationship suggests the two are becoming closer. Perhaps because of their similar lonely situation, they will begin developing feelings for each other. 


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