|Reading Log| Sense and Sensibility: Opposites

Thoughts on Chapters 1 - 7

As the title suggests, the book plays with the difference between sense and sensibility. Even though the story has just begun, Elinor clearly embodies the sense while Marianne displays large amounts of sensibility. Marianne's character might cause her trouble in the future as her bright personality may come across as vulgar to some. Although Elinor has done a great job herself in becoming a perfect example of how a young lady should act, she has to deal with the brazen characteristics her both her mother and Marianne. 

On the topic of men, Marianne and Elinor seem to have very contrasting views on what they find attractive or likable. Although Austen describes Edward Ferrars, the man Elinor develops feelings for, as "not handsome" nor "fitted with abilities" Elinor comes to like him as he has "an open affectionate heart" after he comes out of his "natural shyness". (Austen, 17) This suggests Elinor looks past than just the physical appearance of a person and takes their personality into account. She looks past her set ideas of what an ideal man should be and accepts Edward's quiet nature as his heart is "warm and temper affectionate." (Austen, 18) Marianne on the other hand cannot accept Edward as a proper bachelor for her sister. She states she cannot "be happy with a man whose taste" in art and music does not overlap with her own. (Austen, 19) Unlike her older sister, Marianne needs someone who she can be able to converse and share her interests with.

Love how the third sister is ignored


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