|Quote Analysis| Sense and Sensibility: The Real Elinor

"His (Edward) coldness and reserve mortified her severely; she was vexed and half angry; but resolving to regulate her behaviour to him by the past rather than the present, she avoided every appearance of resentment or displeasure, and treated him as she through he ought to be treated from the family connection." Chapter 16, Page 168, Anchor

This quote reveals Elinor's real personality. Unlike what her cold demeanor suggests, Elinor does, in fact, get offended by cold treatment - she just does not show it. Elinor's composure and serious character comes from her ability to control and hide her true emotions. As although she was "mortified severely", she was able to "regulate her behaviour". The use of the word "regulate" suggests Elinor thinks herself as a out of control person who needs to be governed by regulations. In her case, Elinor restricts herself based on societal rules. Elinor "[avoids] every appearance of resentment or displeasure" and treats Edward the way he "ought to be treated from the family connection". She tosses aside her personal feelings because she knows it would be improper if she treated Edward harshly. 


Pauline C said...

I agree that this quote shows Elinor's raw feelings, which is rare because she is always too proper to show any emotions. I think this quote is important because it is probably one of the only quotes that indicates her affection towards Edward, and also shows that no matter how strong a mask a person can put on, their feelings are still raging on inside. I think this quote also foreshadows Elinor's release of emotions later on in the book. She's already starting to fray at the edges and feel emotional, and love is a strong emotion so maybe something big will happen later on.

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