|Reading Log| Romeo and Juliet: The End

What are your thoughts now that we have come to the end?

A short summary of the play would be: 
"A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life" (prologue, 7)

It is common knowledge that both Juliet and Romeo die in the end of the play, however I imagined their deaths to be more dramatic. I expected this awesome fight scene or something where Romeo falls and Juliet decides she cannot possibly live without him and kills herself too. Yet what really happens is bad timing. After all the effort Romeo, Juliet, the Nurse, and the Friar put into keeping them together, Romeo and Juliet die because of their irrational and impatient personalities. Maybe Shakespeare is trying to emphasize Friar's point from Act 2 where he states there is evil and bad in everyone and if they choose to embrace the evilness within them they will inevitably fall. Romeo and Juliet choose to act irrationally and make rash decisions in order to hold onto the "love" they feel for each other. However, we should not forget, what Romeo and Juliet were feeling for each other was not love but lust. Maybe lust is the culprit here. Lust is the evil that is inside of everyone and Shakespeare is demonstrating how letting lust make your decisions will only end in death and tragedy.

Another interesting idea in Romeo and Juliet is the switch of stereotypical gender roles in relationships. In Verona, it is generally accepted that the men are the head of the household and the dominant figure in any relationship. However, Romeo and Juliet's relationship is switched. Instead of Romeo, Juliet makes the decisions in their relationship. In fact, in the last line of the play the Prince concludes that their deaths was a tragic way to end "Juliet and her Romeo['s]" story (5.3.320). This whole play was Juliet's story and Romeo was merely her co-star that is there to help the plot unfold. Perhaps their flipped relationship is just to show how twisted Romeo and Juliet's story is.
Juliet rejoicing over Romeo's death because now she can really shine.

I am not going to lie, Romeo and Juliet was pretty difficult to comprehend (especially when you can't access Sparknotes) but once you understand what is happening and start reading in between the lines you really start appreciating Shakespeare and his contributions in literature. I mean it is pretty impressive how the whole thing is written in iambic pentameter.
Real thoughts on the end of Romeo and Juliet. 


Junior C said...

I completely agree with the disappointing ending April. In the end, the deaths were due to "bad timing" and maybe it was just Shakespeare's way of saying that it was fate though I felt that he could have written it to be more dramatic. I think that it would have been better if Romeo somehow had to die, and that there wasn't another option for him. and Juliet took her own life oh how much she loves Romeo and would follow him to the end of time. Thus she took her own life to be with Romeo. And that ending would have been a lot better than just Romeo being a bit early to watch as love brings Juliet back to life. When you wrote "Perhaps their flipped relationship is just to show how twisted Romeo and Juliet's story is." I felt that you couldn't have written it any better.

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