|Socratic Seminar Reflection| Romeo and Juliet: Act 2

I found this times discussion much more succesful in sharing ideas because of the new format we tried out. For all of our previous seminars we had people raise their hands before they could talk. In this discussion we decided to ditch the hand raising and opened up the floor for anyone who wanted to talk to speak. Of course there were moments where two people tried to talk at the same time but this new method of discussion was more effective in connecting ideas to other people's replies instead of jumping around from topic to topic like we normally did. One area I could work on personally is participating more during this discussion I didn't talk as much I did during previous seminars. Another way I could improve our discussion is by raising questions. Since we are no longer given a list of guiding questions to base our discussion off of, there are alot of pauses in our discussions because we do not know what we are going to talk about next. Furthermore, most of our questions are raised by only one person (trusty Leo) which is dumping alot of responsibility onto him. So I could pitch in effort to think of questions while reading and bring them up in our next discussion. 


Junior C said...

I agree that raising our hands was a little too slow for the pace of the Socratic Seminar, having it freely based off who wanted to talk brings in a better connection to the topic. I also agree that Leo seems to be the only one who brings out deep questions that are usually very debatable if we understand his question in the first place. But overall it does seem that the Socratic Seminar is heading in the right direction about the pacing of comments and questions.

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