|Socratic Seminar Reflection| Romeo and Juliet: Act 3

I found this socratic seminar to be especially enlightening. A point we brought up was the way how Shakespeare has flipped the connotations of day and night as now night is seen as a happier time of day than the daytime to Juliet. We had alot of theories of why Shakespeare would switch these two words around, however one that stuck out to me was Leo's point on how Romeo and Juliet's love led them to darkness. Romeo and Juliet can only meet up in the night because the darkness hides them from getting discovered. Without their relationship, Romeo and Juliet would have no reason to stay up during the night so in a sense, it is their love for each other that led them to hid out in the darkness. If we use the previous negative connotation of night, then this whole flipping situation could be Shakespeare trying to convey that love leads to danger and death. With this theme of reversals, we also noticed how Romeo and Juliet's roles are switched in their relationship. Although Juliet is the woman, she is the one taking control of the relationship while Romeo just goes along for the ride.

Furthermore, another observation we raised in the discussion was how love changes people. We took not of Juliet's maturing ways because she seems more independent than before as she doesn't rely on the Nurse to tell her what to do with her life as much as she did before. Yet a character that hasn't seemed to show any development is Romeo. He is still as dramatic and pitiful as before as displayed in the scene where he sobs on the ground and asks Friar Lawrence to fix his problems for him. Or point was that since Romeo hasn't changed then he doesn't actually love Juliet because love is supposed to change people.

An area I found confusing was whether Romeo and Juliet's relationship is an act of love or lust. Previously I have always seen their actions to be more lustful than loving. However this discussion made me question if they might have actually had true feelings for each other. If their relationship was purely based off love then Juliet would not have urged Romeo to leave in case he gets caught even when she wanted to stay by his side. If Juliet did not care for Romeo she would not have cared if he got caught or not.

Overall, this discussion was definitely one of our better ones because not only were alot of new ideas brought up but we also debated over different views on certain questions.


Junior C said...

Hi April,
About Leo's comment on how Romeo and Juliet's love led them into darkness, I felt that since the connotation for dark has been flipped with light, it is a positive thing that their love is being led into darkness. Quite frankly I saw the message Shakespeare is trying to convey differently, how that love is so powerful it can change anything, and change it to its opposite. But I am with you about how I feel confused about whether Romeo and Juliet's relationship is an act of love or lust, it may seem at times that it is purely off lust, yet at other times it seems that it is love that makes them a whole. Overall I felt that our discussion did bring out a lot of interesting and very debatable points, thus making the Socratic Seminar better as a whole.

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