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Friar Lawrence seems to be a sophisticated and peace loving man. His sophistication can be seen through the eloquence of his soliloquy when he first enters the scene. Not only was his speech in perfect iambic pentameter, Friar Lawrence manages to explore his thoughts on man's evil nature. However the way he describes human nature as "the worser is predominant" (2.3.30) shows his negative view on human beings. This can also be seen when he says "young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes." (2.3.71) He basically states that all men do is "love" with their eyes instead of loving from their heart which is a pretty pestimistic view on love (even if it's true). And maybe that is why he agrees to wed Romeo and Juliet because he wants to promote moral behaviour in society. Friar Lawrence states himself that the only reason he agreed to help Romeo is because he wants to "turn [their] households' rancor to pure love." (2.3.99) In other words, by bringing Romeo and Juliet together, he is hoping to end the feud between the families and bring peace and love to both households (although his act of agreeing to marry the two lovers will eventually lead to their death - but he doesn't know this yet).
I have found the secret to peace in society!


Junior C said...

Hey April, is the picture relating to how Friar Lawrence found out how to end the feud? I think it's creative. Anyways, I agree with how you view Friar Lawrence, but do you think by him being a pessimistic person, he is also actually being a realist? I mean in some cases it might not be the same, but I think describing Friar Lawrence as a realist, seems like a pretty good fit. When you said that he views "young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes", you said that it is a pretty pessimistic view on love (even if it's true) I think that the word realist fits perfectly in that scenario.

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