|Reading Log| Romeo and Juliet: Weako and Imprudent

A response to Act 3 Scene 2 and Scene 3

The scenes following Romeo's banishment further higlights how messed up Romeo and Juliet's relationship is. For one, both Romeo and Juliet think death would be better than Romeo's banishment. The fact that there is an oppurtunity to see each other is but restrictions prevent them from meeting each other is seems to be too much for both Romeo and Juliet to handle. They either have to be together happily married in Verona or be together in death. If you consider the fact that Romeo and Juliet have only met each other the other day and are in the third hour of their marriage, the way they are unwilling to separate from each other is creepy. I mean they've only known each other for a day and now they are willing to give up their lives and harm their family name in order to be in a relationship that is 99% lust and 1% love. 

However if you look at what these two scenes revealed about Juliet's character, their actions seem to be somewhat explained. This is because Juliet is a imprudent girl who does not understand the consequences of her actions so she makes a lot of rash decsions. For example, she stated Romeo's banishment "is father, mother, Tybalt, Romeo, Juliet, all slain, all dead." (3.2.133) In other words, the exile of her beloved is equivalent to not only the death of her family but also the death of herself and Romeo. Any person in their right mind would not compare their family's death to a person's expulsion. On the other hand, Romeo is not much better. Crying about your punishment and separation from your lover is acceptable but when you cry so much that you are lying on the ground and relying on someone else to fix your problems for you is not acceptable, especially when you're a full-grown man. So now we have two people, one who doesn't value the lives of her family and another who can't do anything for himself in a relationship. There is really only one direction this relationship can go, and that is towards doom (and in the end death!)


Junior C said...

Hey April! Wow, I completely agree with you how they're relationship is 99% based off lust and 1% based off love. And I also think that their relationship is messed up as they are willing to give away their life to be with each other. How they both think that Romeo dying would be better than Romeo being banished. I feel that, those should signs are clear indicators they shouldn't be together. I also think that it is completely messed up how Juliet would give up her family for Romeo to be with her. So I agree that their relationship is a no no.

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