|Reading Log| Romeo and Juliet: Whirlwind Romance

What song would you use to describe their relationship?

As the song's title suggests, I have managed to find the most perfect song to describe Romeo and Juliet's whirlwind romance: "WhirlwindRomance" by Steel Pulse. So below I've taken 5 promising lines from the song that pretty much sum up  Romeo and Juliet's relationship.

1. Pretty lady standing there
    I'm telling you that you're looking fair
    Cause I've got my eyes on you

This is exactly the way Romeo and Juliet meet. Romeo sees Juliet standing alone at a party and finds her exceptionally beautiful. 
2. I can tell by the way you stare
    Romance is in the air

As Romeo stated in Act 2 Scene 2 Line 12 he says "[Juliet] speaks, yet she says nothing. What of that? Her eye discourses; I will answer it." In other words, Romeo can tell from Juliet's eyes that she loves him. Just like this song. 

3. I'm living out my fantasy

Romeo and Juliet are both living out a fantasy by continuing their relationship. There are so many factors stopping them from being together (mostly the family feud) but they still decide to get married. Their love was basically doomed before it even started so their dream for finding love is so overwhelming Romeo and Juliet manage to continue their relationship.

4. Gimme your heart and I'll
    Give you my love

In their famous balcony scene, Juliet only agrees to marry Romeo after he vows that he truly loves her. This line of the song also reminds of the part where Juliet asks him to give up his name so they can be together. By giving up his name, Romeo, in a sense, is showing his true love for Juliet because his name is what gives him status in society. By giving that up, he is choosing Juliet over his wealth and social standing. 

5. I just want to be your man
   And make sweet love to you

Throughout this story we question if Romeo and Juliet are feeling love or lust. Currently, Romeo is probably leaning more towards the lust side. There have been many incidents when he has stated he wished to sleep with Juliet. For example, Romeo openly insulted virgins because “none but fools do wear” the “vestal livery” that the maidens of Diana wear. (2.2.8) From his disdain for virgins we can infer that he definitely will not accept his love being a virgin.


Junior C said...

Hey April, I guess you did find the perfect song to summarize Romeo and Juliet, and I can fully agree with the 5 lines you pulled up. I like to think that it is because of Shakespeare, because of Romeo and Juliet, these modern love songs are the way they are. I feel that modern love songs and stories are all somewhat based off Romeo and Juliet.

Annie Y said...

Hi April, WOW I'm very impressed you found this song, I really like how you were able to find such a fitting song. This song really reflects the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, how it was lust before love. My favorite analysis of yours is the one about living the fantasy. I totally agree because Romeo and Juliet's relationship to them is like their perfect fantasy. Great JOB April your blog post was very interesting to read. :) -Annie Yu

Angela C said...

Hi April,
Along with Junior and Annie, I am truly impressed of how you are able to find a song that perfectly describes Romeo and Juliet's relationship. I am also entertained by how you are able to clearly relate each of the 5 excerpts to Romeo and Juliet's relationship. I agree with you that Romeo's lust currently outweighs his love for Juliet. Additionally, I think the rhyme of "there" and "fair" in the 1st excerpt you have provided shows how women are hard to get. We can relate this to Romeo and Juliet because in 1.5, especially, Juliet plays a hard-to-get (i.e flirtatious) woman.

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