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What are your impressions of Romeo and Juliet so far? Did anything surprise you about these characters in 1.5?

Romeo seems like a typical 14th century man of Verona. He falls in love quickly but falls out of love just as fast. I mean, before stepping into Capulet's party, Romeo was still depressed about his unrequited love with Rosaline and was questioning if he should crash the party or not. Yet, once he lays eyes on Juliet, his star in the dark, dark world, he drops his feelings for Rosaline immediately and decides to love Juliet instead. He even claims he has "ne'er saw true beauty till this night" 1.5.60, which shows how easily he can forget Rosaline. Juliet, on the other hand, is not much better either. After one kiss (okay maybe more than one), Juliet decides she would rather die than be married to someone who is not Romeo. What is weird is the way Romeo courted Juliet. He practically stole a kiss from her using religious pick up lines. What is even weirder is Juliet liked it, in fact, she even encouraged it by replying in even more complex religious metaphors. 
Can't take Romeo's smoothness anymore

From the speed their relationship is moving, it is fair to question if their "love" is lust or true love. Based on the fact that they barely know each other and the only words they have exchanged are religious metaphors about pilgrims and hands I think it is safe to say their relationship is based off of more lust than love. Romeo claimed he "loved" Rosaline but he threw that away once he saw Juliet. Furthermore, Juliet is only thirteen years old. Does she actually feel love is or is she in love with the idea of love? All around her, girls her age are getting married and starting famlies so being relationships is the social norm. Therefore, maybe Juliet feels it is her turn to find a husband and is  infatuated with the thought of having a husband instead of actually being infatuated with her husband. Yet, the conversation they shared was probably the most perfect unplanned conversation between two strangers ever. Romeo starts sprouting lines about hands and pilgrims and Juliet somehow understands what he means and replies in equally confusing language. If that is not impressive, there is also the fact that their whole conversation is a sonnet, fourteen perfect lines of romantic religious banter. The way their first and at this point, only, conversation fit together so well could be a sign from the heavens that they were meant to be. 

Romeo and Juliet a.k.a How to Pick Up a Girl with Religious Metaphors


Junior C said...

Hi April,
I completely agree with you about his fast pace loving action, and I guess maybe some parts of Juliet's love for Romeo is from the pressure around her. The fact that she was at her "peak" of in which she is supposed to be married off. I also see how it is quite strange to have a "perfect unplanned conversation between two strangers" but I guess that's just Shakespeare trying to show how they are 100% meant to be. But to us, maybe our job is to see if they really are meant to be or not to be.

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