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What are your thoughts on 3.1?

The first scene of Act 3 was very intense in terms of what happens plot wise. I mean we have the death of two people, the fleeing of Romeo, and the Prince's descision to banish Romeo from Verona. 

I found the death of the Mercutio and Tybalt to be quite sudden or at least unexpected. However, their deaths mark the beginning of the real problems that are about to come Romeo and Juliet's way. The tension between the two househoulds are definitely at an all time high because of the deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio. To add on to the tension, no one knows where Romeo is because he ran away after he slayed Tybalt. If he were to come back (which he isn't allowed to because the Prince banished him) the Capulets would be sure to avenge for the death of their kinsman. From the scene you can already tell Romeo and Juliet are doomed for because Romeo is as good as dead and even if he weren't dead there would be no way the Capulets would approve of their relationship.
Stop in the name of love

Maybe this scene was a just a little teaser of what will come later, as we know Romeo and Juliet both die a bloody death later on.


Junior C said...

I somewhat agree and disagree with your comment on the 2 deaths in 3.1. I found the death of Mercutio's death was unexpected while Tybalt's death was somewhat predictable. Tybalt's death is somewhat predictable because earlier, when Tybalt finds Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio at the Capulet party he wanted to kill them there, this reveals his thirst for fights and how easily he could be provoked into one. So bloodthirsty Tybalt would obviously one day pay for picking the wrong fight. Meanwhile, Mercutio's death I did not see coming as he is not actually a Montague, he is not part of the Montague and Capulet family war.

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