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What are your impressions of Mercutio so far?

Mercutio is a cynical character that heavily contrasts with Romeo's beliefs in life or romance. Take dreams for example, Romeo is reluctant about crashing to Capulet's party because he had a dream about his death the night before. Mercutio, instead of comforting Romeo, tells him that dreams hold no meaning. He states that dreams are merely a figment of imagination and hold as much substance as the air. Plus, through his little rant about Queen Mab he makes the point that dreams come to those who ask for it. For example, a lover dreams of love and lawyers dream of court cases. However, Mercutio said this all before he learnt about what Romeo actually dreamt of so he had no idea that his philosophy is probably right. Romeo dreamt of his death and in a day's time Verona will witness not only Romeo's death but also Juliet's death as well.
On the otherhand, Meructio is also the jokester or master pun-ner of the group. Although Benvolio and Romeo are able to come up with a few witty lines, Mercutio spits them out pun after pun after pun. In fact, he himself recognizes his deceptive and joking nature. As common English fashion, Mercutio and his crew are wearing masks to the masquerade.
And of course Mercutio would not be Mercutio if he didn't make a pun out of the fact that he is wearing a mask. He calls his mask "a visor for his visor" or a mask over his mask. Which basically means he is calling his real actual face a mask too. Masks are often used to hide a person's identity and if Mercutio lives behind a mask then he is hiding his true identity and feelings everywhere he goes. 

I am not who I seem to be.

Although Mercutio seems to play a minor role in the play, his personality will probably affect future events.


Junior C said...

Wow, this is really good! I had no idea that Mercutio would be seen as a trickster and cynical. But yeah, I can see your point in him trying to change Romeo's perspective. Nice job! I never thought of the fact that Mercutio brushes Romeo's dreams off, and tells him that dreams are insignificant. I also think that your last comment on Mercutio affecting future events is probably true, our ideas contrast very differently on Mercutio and your blog has shown me a different perspective on Mercutio, and I can understand why you would think that way. Great job on this blog!

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